Saturday, January 16, 2010

Best. Conversation. EVAR.

Tonight we drove to Bore-bank to celebrate Tough Cookies' captain Iron Maiven's birthday. What's in Bore-bank? Karaoke at a dive bar...a very Old School Derby Dolls way of celebrating a birthday.

Hilarity ensued with karaoke hi-jinks. Maiven was able to keep going up to the karaoke stage to announce that it's her birthday, and so was able to get plenty o' birthday drinks for free. GO, MAIVEN!! Suzy Snakeyes and I sang backup for many a karaoke singer. Whether they wanted us to sing with them or not. There was girl-on-girl macking, girl-on-girl Stranger Danger, and just a lot of funness.

The best part of the evening was when it was time to leave and I made one last stop in the bathroom. Two women walked in while I was in one of the stalls, and the following conversation JUST HAPPENED, Y'ALL:

Woman #1: You know that older guy I was talking to? I've had sex with him before but I can't remember his name! You gotta go up and find out his name!

Woman #2: Why do I always have to find out the guy's name?!?!?!?!

Woman #1: Because you have to! But...y'know...shit happens.

Woman #2: Yeah...

Woman #1: If I got paid for everytime this type of thing happens, I'd be able to pay off tonight's bar tab. And get condoms to cover myself, y'know.

Woman #2: ...

Woman #1: So, are you gonna do it? Find out that guy's name? All you gotta do is go up to him and say, "Hi, my name is Dippy McDipshit* and I don't think we've been introduced..."

Woman #2: Yeah...

By that time I was out and trying to contain my laughter as I practically ran back to where the Derby Dolls were hanging out.

*I wish that girl was named Dippy McDipshit. But it wasn't. Sigh.

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