Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rugged Individualists

The backyard critters have been keeping life entertaining.

Amongst the birds that swoop through, the squirrels that zip by, the possums that eat the cat food, and the occasional raccoon, we have the cats. Kitty, our Fearless Bird Hunter and Squirrel Kidnapper is here all the time. So is Blue, the skinny lop-eared cat who craps all over the porch. Lou C's doppleganger from Hell, Scaredy Cat, slinks through to grab some food and get his belly scratched before he heads back to the Beavisphere in the early evenings.

Kitty is the resident Rugged Individualist. No matter how cold, rainy, or windy it is, he prefers to stay outside. On multiple occasions I've tried to bring him into the house, but every time I do, he'll purr but will zip to the back door to be let out into the cold, dark night. Blue is the exact opposite. He loves to come inside the house all the time, but due to his eternal craptitude, I won't let him stay in.

In an effort to provide at least something for the cats outside, I put out both a cardboard box to protect them from the wind, and Lardo's old cat pillow to provide a comfy place to sleep. Both of these were placed right next to each other on the porch step. Kitty never touched either of them. Blue and Scaredy Cat would trade off using the cat pillow on rare occasions.

A couple of weeks ago when it was still cold, rainy, and wintery, the brilliant idea was hit upon to place the cat pillow inside the cardboard box. Apparently that was a magical combination because the DH found this the next day:

BOTH cats in the combo pillow/box!

It's just too fucking cute:

It's the only time I've seen Kitty concede to anything resembling comfort for himself!

Now that the weather is much warmer and spring-like, the pillow-box is somewhat abandoned again. I'm going to leave it out there to see if it gets rediscovered, though.


BomshellShocked said...

I'm so happy I found you. Its funny that since Sean and I had a kid, we don't get out to Disneyland as much.
Hope you both are well.
"Mrs. Sean Hughes"

Cagey said...

Last night, my stray hopped IN THE CAR with me, then started clawing up the floor mat.