Monday, March 08, 2010


Last week was rather crapacious.

My sister and I were up visiting in the ol' hometown when my dad came down with viral pneumonia and had to be taken to the hospital with a 103 degree fever. Understandably, my mom was upset, so it was actually a good thing that my sister and I were there to give moral support. My dad stayed in the hospital for a few nerve-racking days but is now home, thank goodness.

Back at home, I spent my time freaking out about...well, everything else. Work? None to speak of right now...I'm getting shot down a lot, which wears on the self-esteem quite a bit. Home? Strained as hell for a few reasons...unemployment being one. Derby? Too much going on in a very short amount of time.

By mid-week I was completely and utterly convinced that I was in the midst of a mental breakdown(hell, that feeling hasn't completely gone away). A lot of crying, yelling, spasming in the middle of the floor, the usual whathaveyou. Then...

Camp happened.

The Derby Dolls held our first-ever training camp. Even that started badly for me when I missed the first class I was supposed to teach on the first day of camp. AUGHTHWOIEGHDSKWETHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, things got better. A LOT better. Almost a hundred skaters came to camp and got some fantastic classes led by some fantastic trainers. I got a much-needed enthusiasm boost for life in general because I had to throw myself into the crazy-busy camp schedule and was skating for one reason or another most of the weekend, which included training, taking classes, and skating in both a banked track and flat track game.

I am now in so much derby pain from all this skating, I actually wish I had a hot tub, for I would soak in it for the next week to recover physically.

As an added bonus, I received the below picture from one of the Jr. Derby girls. I had given permission to our Jr. Derby league to use one of my lame-o drawings to give to the girls to color during their yearly camp last year. I present a future Art Dept. leader:

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