Sunday, May 09, 2010

Art, schmart

After looking at the past month or so on this blog, I'm disgusted with myself for my lack of art posts.

So here's a doodle I did a few weeks ago:

I was watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand at the time, which explains the Greekness of it, if not the total crapaciousness of the drawing itself. Which leads me to my next round of being disgusted with myself for not upholding my promise to draw more this year. How the hell am I going to get any better if I don't get those 10,000 crappy drawings inside of me out?! I need to at least doodle more...that's definitely one of life's greatest pleasures.

1 comment:

Randall said...

Hah. I actually came here because I liked your art style so much. Not that I've not dug your other entries -- I have, I'm just glad to see art again.