Friday, January 21, 2011

Bob's Burgers

The show I was working on last year, Bob's Burgers, is now on FOX after the Simpsons on Sunday nights.

So far the reviews have been mixed. I personally think the show is odd and funny, and I hope it finds its audience. The ratings started out great, dipped a little last week, and it looks like the next two weeks may be make or break for the series. While I'm in London and Amsterdam I'll be hoping that everyone here watches the show! HELP KEEP ME EMPLOYED, PEOPLE!

Today the studio that did the animation had a burger truck on the premises and invited the entire crew for lunch. It was a beautiful warm day and it was great to see everyone again. Besides getting a tasty veggie burger, I also got a spiffy gift:

A very pretty ribbon around a very cool hoodie:

I hope to wear the hell out of it!

In other news, Blue the diarrhea-filled cat is still filled with diarrhea. Poor little Irritable Bowel Syndromed guy. After several different tries at medication, it looks like we may have to take the little fucker in for surgery when I get back from London. Sigh. He's lucky he's cute.

Blue's favorite spot to sleep on is a paper bag on the couch. The other cat, Lou C, will sometimes bully Blue off of the bag, which causes minor but loud tiffs. So I put a second bag next to the first one, and now everyone is happy:

OH! Non sequitir:  I get to do the artwork for this year's Battle on the Bank tournament! EEEEEEEEEEE! I'm gonna be busy when I get back from London!


George said...

Tivo grabs it for me every week. I'll tell everybody I know to watch it.

Roxy Horror said...

love the cats/bags... I will remember this trick when I am living under your dining room table!

Pity DaFoo said...

I LOVE Bob's Burgers!

Nonny Mouse said...

I live in New Zealand with my Kiwi partner who LOVES Bob's Burgers. I also think it's hilarious. I can do a passable 'Linda' voice, and he does his best to be 'Bob' (Kiwis have adorable accents that don't quite translate to New Jersey all too well). I wanted to get him a Bob's Burgers t-shirt for his birthday... but everything I've seen just sucked. Any ideas where to get a good Bob's Burgers with the 'cast' on it - preferably not nude or posing with a robot?