Thursday, January 19, 2006

In a Mood

The below is a doodle I've posted before, but it suits my very very bad mood right now.

A word of advice...

When someone is in a car accident, don't yell at them about contacting the other driver's insurance company until their own insurance company at least gets a look at the damn car.
The person who was in the accident is enough of a basket case as it is already. Don't add to their stress.

Thank you.


Uccellina said...

Just a Little Guy

Cute Overload

Feel better.

Elliot said...

Hope you come to some sort of easy resolution.
Dreadful business.

This cat seems to have come from the hand of Charles M. Jones, which should cheer you up to hear.

mr_kipper said...

People get SOOOO emotional over their autos!! Tell 'em you are gonna call their mama and say her what a bad driver they have been.

Also... Lulabelle. Have you seen How To Get A Head In Advertising? If not i think u must before she is removed.
Perhaps she is that "nice" twin. You have always referred to urself as the evil twin sister, congenital twin??? OK it was just a thought.