Monday, January 23, 2006

Saturday night the husband and I got out of the house and checked out a small, cozy, yet dirty SRL show in Chinatown. Basically it's a group of people from the Bay Area who build machines that involves fire and noise and destroys their own stuff. It was cool! They did a mini-presentation in a parking lot that was adjacent to the art gallery that they were having a show at. Usually they start the fun about 2 hours later than the stated start time. Punctuality is optional when you're setting stuff on fire, apparently. But they were almost on time, especially since they did this particular show without any sort of permit or notification to LAPD or LAFD. Their instructions to the audience included, "If the cops show up, distract them!"

This is a picture of a pulse-jet hovercraft that they blasted the audience with. It would've been fun if the damn thing wasn't kicking up a LOT of dirt that was in the parking lot.Ear and eye protection is almost mandatory. I forgot eye protection and was miserable.

They also doused a bunch of little fabric dolls in water and threw them out into the audience. I don't know what that was supposed to signify, but I was able to grab one.

After the show we went to Little Tokyo and had a great dinner. I never thought I'd enjoy something called, "Spicy Tuna Tower", but I did.

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Stephen Greenberg said...

The cool thing about those pulse jets are that they're tuned to act like trumpets. When they're aimed at you, it's like getting hit by solid sound.