Monday, January 16, 2006


It's cold. Damn cold. Well, cold for LA, at least. And windy. I hate wind more than anything weather-wise.

I'm nursing a hangover that occured when the husband and I managed to meet up with a couple of the TXRD girls who were in town doing additional publicity stuff for the Rollergirls show. We ended up being slightly obnoxious in the hotel lobby with Cha Cha, Witchbaby, Muerta, and Lux. Chola was supposed to be there too, but she managed to over-indulge earlier in the evening and was passed out by the time we got a hold of Cha Cha and met up with the crew. The original plan had been for a few of the Derby Dolls to meet up with the TXRD girls and go to a bar or two. That of course fell through, so Tawdry Tempest was the only other LADD representative for the evening. Oh yeah, and Skateomasochist from the Bay Area was having fun looking eye-to-eye with Witchbaby(both of them are over six feet tall). The bartender and other bar patrons were thoroughly harassed, but I think the bartender liked the abuse.

A lot of strange conversation was going on, as was things like everyone(guys and girls)gathering in the bathroom at one point, as well as Witchbaby flashing the bar. Ah yes, good times. We went to another bar just before last call and got a round, then headed back to the hotel for more abuse-giving at the hotel bar(which was thankfully closed). By 3am the husband indicated that it was time to go, so we went. I shudder to think what could've happened after we left.

I have to get off my tuchus and do more art. Something better than this:

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