Thursday, April 06, 2006


The sun is out. Pretty novel for us these days. For whatever reason, the rainy season has shown up very late for LA-LA Land. I can finally run some errands on the bicycle.

The Entropy Project now has its own blog. Check it out and bookmark it here. It doesn't get updated too often, but all the new updates are going there.

My favorite foodstuff right now is wrapping a flour tortilla around a block of chocolate. Just thought I'd share.


Elliot said...

That sounds like a great treat.
It'd be even better microwaved for a minute and served with icecream.

Donna A. said...

I like the idea of a nuked chocolate/tortilla combo with ice cream. Mmmm... Or you could deep fry it! However, I first read the entry as "flour tequila around a block of chocolate." FWIW, I love to drink tequila and eat chocolate. It's a delicious wholesome combo. Just thought I'd share that.

I'm glad you put the Entropy Project on its own page. I truly deserves it. I'll still read this one, tho, because your life is much more exciting than mine.

RedDiabla said...

Elliott: that sounds delightfully evil. I gotta try that sometime.

Donna: glad to see that someone else is on good terms with tequila. I know too many people who have had spectacular fallings out with it.

The Entropy Project truly does deserve its own space to rot in of its own accord. I gotta go get more pix this week.