Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Whining

Work has been stoopid. I had a crazy minor deadline early in the week last week, and the supervising director still hasn't gotten around to finishing his notes on my stuff as of yesterday. Uh, helloooooo, I kinda need the notes so that I can finish the fuxxing board by the other insane deadline I have to keep!

It's a huge board...over 23o pages of two-panel Scooby stupidity...around 10 script pages originally. Cleaning it up will be a major fuxxing bitch. It'd be nice to have the notes so that I can do the job within a reasonable amount of time and I get to maintain something resembling a life.

Insert huge editing THWACK! here.

Below is a w-i-p version of the amazing Bakersfield Rollergirls logo that I'm actually almost done with. I think I mentioned before that the idea is a rejected Derby Doll logo idea. Bakersfield seems to like it just fuxxing fine, which is hella cool.

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Mike Milo said...

Hi Sandi,
Be careful what you say about your employer and boss on a blog...
I've gotten myself in so much hot water professionally from doing just that, I have still not fully recovered from it. In some ways my career probably won't recover from it. You think they don't read your lil' ol' blog but they somehow manage to find it over time. Just a little bit of advice so you don't screw yourself the way I did...