Monday, April 17, 2006


This past weekend I went back to the land of my misspent youth for a short visit.

I grew up near Sacramento, CA. A nice place to be from, lemme tell ya. Well, Sactown itself isn't as bad as growing up in one of the outlying agricultural towns that are repulsively chock-full of rednecks. Rednecks who throw things at people who aren't rednecks like them. Yeehaw, indeed!

Anyway, it's been two years since I was in that neck of the tomato patch. I spent most of my time looking at some killer art at a killer gallery, seeing old friends in the form of my high school buddy Shonda amongst others, and meeting new friends in the form of the Sac City Rollergirls. The collision of old and new friends was hilarious, as of course my old friends know me by one name while the rollergirls know me by my skate name.

Meeting the Sac City girls was the perfect example of this...I hooked up with Shonda and her sister for some catch-up time and got ready to go out. We were to go to a fashion show that one of the Sac City Rollers founders was holding, and I had been in contact with a few of those girls so they knew that Tara Armov was showing up.

We get to the venue. Not a lot of people are there yet, as they're being fashionably late. OK. So we mill about and drink some schnapps that we brought along. The fashion show goes on. It's not long at all, so after the 15 minutes of fashion stuff we mill about some more. Occasionally Shonda will talk to a rollergirl, and would introduce me. The Tara connection isn't made until we'd been there after an hour or so.

All of the sudden the whole freakin' league descended upon me, "YOU'RE Tara Armov?!!?!" Yeah, I've only been lurking around for a freakin' hour already. Heh! The turnabout was fun and funny, and the girls were cute and ambitious. They've even hired our coach to come up and have a workshop with them in a couple of weeks. Toooooo funny.

Anyway, if these girls really get the skating thing going, I might find myself back up there sooner than two more years. We'll see!


Uccellina said...

You're a celebutante!

RedDiabla said...

More like a total doofus, but that's OK.