Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hit Me!

Adventures in animation:

Yesterday the studio I'm working for sold off a buttload of animation desks. These desks were allegedly around $5 GRAND APIECE when they were first bought. They're really nice; hydraulics to raise and lower the desktop, side shelves and drawers to put all one's animation crap in, they even have electrical outlets on 'em! Verrrrrry nice.

The studio sold them for $100 EACH.


So the husband and I rented a van and got ourselves a desk.

It took forever...we got the van, drove to the Valley, and found a clusterf#%^% of epic proportions. I wasn't too surprised, but the husband wasn't happy. The original idea was that on the hour, every hour for four hours, a new group of people came, signed in, paid up, and got a desk loaded for them. The staggering of groups was to help keep a flow going through the loading dock.

Um, yeah. Didn't happen.

We got there a half hour before my appointed time, and the loading dudes weren't done with the first group(I was in the third group). So we waited for about two hours in line. snore. Then there were the groups of artists who banded together to rent just one truck, and had up to six desks loaded. That took forever. Then there was the pizza break that the movers took, leaving the two studio security guards to help load stuff in. Then there was the coworker who had trouble backing his rented truck into the loading area. Needless to say, he got a lot of grief from me since he regularly loves to aggravate me at work. His new name is, "Drives Like A Girl". Hehehehheh!

So we finally got my desk, along with extra bulbs for the light table, and an extra disk(worth around $60 or so)loaded up and back to the Westside in early afternoon. We unloaded most of the pieces with no incident, but the main desk part is too wide to put into the art room. So the husband has to take it apart and bring it in piece by piece to reassemble. Oh, and the hydraulics don't work. So we have to figure out how to get that going.

Then derby crap took over. We had to find outfits for the Sleazy 70's fundraiser thingy going on that evening. So after taking my sister to our favorite Italian place for an early birthday dinner, we dragged her along on our shopping spree. Two hours, $88 and two stores later, we had our goofy outfits for the evening. The husband ended up looking like Al Pacino from Scarface, and I ended up looking like a 70's groupie, complete with halter top. That was funny.

Here's a video clip that one of the Dolls and her boyfriend put together. The choice of soundtrack alone is fantastic, in my never-humble opinion:


Becca said...

A friend of mine from CNS went through the same thing. For a $100, wasn't it worth all the pain anyway? :D

RedDiabla said...

I it worth it that I'm calling it the "divorce desk"? :D

Chris Battle said...

Wait.... Does this mean you got those sweet WB FEATURES desks fo only 100 BONES??!?!?!

If so, I am very jealous.

RedDiabla said...

Yes, your greenness is well-earned, Chris. $100.