Saturday, June 23, 2007


Since I keep talking about it, here's some pix of the Divorce Desk. Notice that you won't see a real wide shot of the desk. That's because the room that it's in is so damn small, we can't step back far enough to take a decent photo. Here's a close-up of one of the hydraulic cranks that adjusts the desktop:

, isn't it?!

Here's a wider shot of the desk:

Aaaaaaaaand another shot of the desk.

On top of the desk shelving(which is cut off in the photos)are two lamps. Which were thrown in with the desk for free. Awesome. I heard that the mover dudes in Sherman Oaks threw away a bunch of shelving, desk parts, and animation disks at the end of the day when we went to get the desk. Sad, sad, sad. They could've told us to just take the stuff...I know that the animators would've gladly taken it off the movers' hands.

Oh look, here's a photo of me announcing at that Smog City/Bakersfield bout in Fresno last weekend. The guy sitting next to me is the dad of one of the skaters and was supposed to co-announce with me. Instead, he decided to just watch the game. I didn't complain.

Some time I'll have to tell the amusing story of the husband and I meeting a nice bunch of lesbians at the pizza place we had dinner at after the game.

Thursday and yesterday, the studio at which I'm currently employed had a huge lot sale. They sold off a bunch of props, furniture and wardrobe. Unfortunately, they didn't have any cool props, such as a prop insect head or anything, but they had a lot of interesting lamps, dishes, shoes and baskets. The first day I went with some of the other ladies from my production. Now, a note about me and the rest of the ladies on the production. I'm not like them.

Oh, shut up.


They were humored at my attempts to find clothes, since all of the women's clothing available were actress-sized. Note: I'm most definitely not actress-sized. So I moved on to lamps, which I talked myself out of buying. Including the sparkly lava lamp. Dammit. And then shoes, where I found a pair of murdersickle boots, but couldn't manoever them onto my feet in anything resembling a timely manner.

So I came out practically empty-handed. The other ladies got some snazzy lamps, clothing, suitcases, etc. I make a terrible shopper.

Yesterday I went back on my own. This time I picked up six rice bowls for $2 and an umbrella for $1. It's of a nicer quality than the 99-cent store umbrella I'm currently using, despite it's having a bent rib. It worked great when I walked back to work from the lot, at any rate. The security people now know me well enough that when I walked back to work and swiped my ID card through to open the pedestrian gate, they didn't bother coming out to check my shopping bag for explosives. Awwwwwwwwww!

Back to work...


Filboid Studge said...

Crap! You mean all those parts that are missing from my desk - the shelves, the drawer knob and pull handle, those little metal sleeves that keep the lamps from wobbling - all those leftover parts were thrown out? I'm not grumbling for me, of course. I'm so happy with my hundred dollar desk, as is, I'm practically shitting Twinkies. But wouldn't all those spare parts come in handy someday for fixing up the eventual wear and tear on the desks that are being used at the studio? If that ain't the [studio in question] in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

Now, how 'bout that lesbians story?

Chris Battle said...

It's official now-- I hate you. You and your $100 WB Feature Animation desk. ;)

RedDiabla said...

I hate you too, Chris. In the nicest possible way!