Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm in my office...

...makin sum drawings.

This whole driving-30-miles-to-work thing is taking a bit to get used to again. No matter which route to Bore-bank I take, it's Lane-splitsville on the ol' murdersickle. Which reminds me, I gotta give the poor machine an oil change this weekend.


My new office is OK. When the air conditioner isn't on, it gets stuffy. But when the air conditioner does come on, I expect snow flurries any second because it's so damn cold. No matter how I set the thermostat, it's either stuffy or freezing. Ah well, at least I'm kinda out in the far reaches of the crew. Right now I'm the last outpost...the other offices beyond mine are for the moment empty. That probably won't last long.

The main complaint I have about the office is that the desk is stinky. Kinda an unwashed-animation-dork stink. I tried wiping everything down with some Clorox wipes, but that hasn't only added a rotting fruit stench. Oh joy. Thank gawd the window opens to the outside world!

The work is coming along nicely. I'm trying to throw in a Big Lebowski reference in a section I'm boarding. Mainly from the Gutterballs sequence. The director is saying, We can't do that! The reference to the Log Jammin' porno from the film will not fly! My response is that the kids won't get it and the adults will laugh their guts out if they've seen the flick. For once I'm being subtle about this. Srsly.

The crew is cool. They're funny and ridiculously talented. As in, what the hell am I doing on this production when there are so many damn good artists on it? I'm the weak link in the chain. A little unnerving, but much like everything else on this job, if I don't dwell on it too much I seem to do OK.

Freelance is keeping me busy at night. It's plugging along, and I'm really happy about how it's turning out.

Derby crap is keeping me busy as well. Giving private lessons, doing more announcing, arranging for hiatus-training fun, and I'll be an MC at our little fundraiser/social thingy on Saturday:

Do I have an outfit for this shindig? Of course not. Will I have time to get one? Probably not, as I have an animation desk to pick up Saturday morning and haul home. Should be entertaining.

Show up and have a derby chick yell at you drunkenly. It's entertaining and for a good!!

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