Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Milestone

Today I did what directors everywhere do all the time.

I slugged my storyboard.

What's a "slug", you may ask?

It's very very rough timing of a storyboard in preparation of making an animatic of the storyboard to see how everything flows and if all the cuts work, etc. It's not rocket science, but if one has been willfully ignorant about any sort of timing like I've been, well, it's intimidating to say the least.

But I got through it. Badly, but it's done.

To add to the fun, the supervising director would say to anyone within earshot, "Doesn't Sandra look different today? More...confident? More...accomplished? That's because she slugged her board today!!!!!!!" Everyone laughed, I got embarrassed, and the rest of the world carried on without a hiccup despite this momentous occurrence.

The funny part of the above silliness is that the supervising director's spiel reminded me very much of when puberty reared its ugly head and I got my period for the first time. Of course my mom told my dad and he did the whole, "My daughter's becoming all grown up" routine that has embarrassed daughters for generations. To be reminded of that from my boss was surreal, and pretty damn hilarious. Like a dumb@$$, I mention this to said boss, who starts singing this:

And you know what? My job's pretty damn amusing.


Becca said...

told ya you can do it! don't know why it took you this long to realize you can slug in more ways than one! glad you're enjoying having fun!

Mike said...

Congratulations Sandy! That's awesome.