Thursday, July 26, 2007

Full of Myself

I'm going to be even more full of myself than usual, so get ready.

In the opening credits of the DVD I'm working on, the sequence directors are featured in a quick vignette where we're popping up out of the ground in a cemetery. Of course I think it's awesome as all hell, and one of the two other directors think it's nifty-peachy-keen. The third...well, he enjoys being contrary and his first reaction to the idea wasn't the most positive. Luckily humor prevailed, and so one of our character designers started working on our caricatures. He came up with this for me:

Well, OK. One's first reaction is, Yep, that looks like you.

But I wasn't happy. So I took his drawing and did some changes, albeit minor ones. The result is this:

That's just more BADASS. And all I did was tweak the eye, tousle the hair, made the mouth even bigger, got rid of the Shaggy shirt, and gave myself the usual slouch to my back. Oh, and added big ol' earrings. The supervising director was amused and approved my changes. Ha!

I also have the drawing that I did for my coworker and his comic book that's being done as an anthology in freakin' Croatia done and delivered. I wouldn't have ordinarily done something like this for anyone, since I have zero experience with comic book art, but Raf said the magic words when asking me to do it: pin-up. So I came up with this in short order:

Poor Sonambulo getting the snot beaten out of him by three roller derby chicks seemed to go over very well with Raf and a couple of other guys at work. If they're happy, I'm happy. I hate the background, but I was never very good at that type of thing. Oh well.

Speaking of comics, this weekend is ComiCon in San Diego. A bunch of the work crew is already there, but I won't be. I went once, ten years ago. It was enough at the time. I may change my mind in the future, but who knows. For now I'm content to stay in LA and do stuff.


Héctor Germán said...

:D i love the pin up!

great artwoRk!

RedDiabla said...

Thanks, but your work is FANTASTIC!