Sunday, December 09, 2007


It's over.


In the Fight Crew vs. Sirens Championship game, FC lost by TWO POINTS in the LAST JAM.


It was a ca-RAZY game. The crowd was going bonkers. So was I.

Highlights from the game that I can kinda-sorta remember:

  • I finally had a significant number of friends and family at this game. I can't adequately describe how warm and fuzzy this made me feel.

  • My parents FINALLY saw me skate. Apparently my mom got to boast to another audience member that she is the mom of Tara Armov.

  • There were a sh!t-ton of other Fight Crew fans, too. They were louder than the Sirens fans. Ha!

  • I got through the first half with almost no penalties. That was good.

  • The audience is amused when skaters sitting in the penalty box pretend that they're having a tea party while serving their penalty time. Don't ask me how I know this.

  • I got KICKED OUT OF THE GAME in the second half because I quickly racked up penalties. That was bad. The penalty that got me kicked out was when I allegedly elbowed Sirens jammer Mila Minute and sent her FLYING into the rail. She deserved it.

  • My team rallied like nobody's business after I got kicked out.

  • My team's jammers were AMAZING. They were fast, they had quick feet, and they got through some tight spots in the Sirens' defense.

  • Tawdry Tempest added to the Fight Crew count of members who have flown off the damn track. She was uninjured from the experience!

  • Fight Crew was ahead by two points by the last jam of the game. Unfortunately they, uh...didn't do so well during the last jam and the Sirens scored four points to win the game. I WAS PISSED.
  • After the game I got plenty of positive comments from friends and fans alike. I was really really really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY happy to get to talk to most of my friends!
  • I couldn't go to the afterparty because I couldn't find parking downtown. All the usual parking lots were closed. Harumph! It was just as well, really. I went home and drank a couple of glasses of wine and slept semi-well for the first time in weeks.

I'm now a zombie.

On a somewhat art-related note, here's a stoopid doodle I did over the summer:

There's a story behind this, which I'll tell sometime in the next week. In the meantime, enjoy the corpse!

ONE LAST THING: The Entropy Project Update. Hahahahahahahahaaha!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ken Mitchroney said...

I was worth it just to see you get thrown out of the game. As Ed Roth said" Hurry for the Bad Guys"!!!!
Sorry you ladies lost the championship, but you put on one hell of a good show.

Becca said...

Best bout I've ever been to! Busta was so kind in letting us stand right next to them so we had a really great view! Bummmer about that last jam and subsequently the loss! Heartbreaking for us that we couldn't stand to stay and celebrate the winners >:O FC will just have to get even next championship! Congrats just the same cuz you guys really kicked ass!

RedDiabla said...

I'm mindblown over having so many people I actually knew at the game! It made it all the more fun!