Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here's a few pix from Saturday night.

A Wall of Red:

Me doing my Superman impression on Kung Pow Tina:

My father-in-law, Papa Armov in the stands:

Gosh, it's been almost four years doing this roller derby thang. Just amazing. I'm still as dorky as I was when I started, as this photo from Texas attests:

Here's my buddy Kenny's assessment of the game. It was really really REALLY cool that he and the Redhead made it to the game!

LA Cityzine did a review
, too.

I finally finished my freelance! Now I gotta get crackin' on Puss n' Boots. She's in color right now. I have to figure out a background for the piece. My big weak spot is not being able to do backgrounds worth a crap! I'll post a WIP on it soon.

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Ken Mitchroney said...

Thanks for the new pixs and the plug. Now i need to get back to MY freelance. See you next season! That's what, Like in an hour or something?