Monday, December 17, 2007

Finessing away...

Here's a WIP shot of Puss N' Boots. The shading and color obviously needs serious work, and I'm busy playing with her shadows today. ugh, I suck at this stuff!

After I block out all of the pertinent stuff I'll take the file into Photoshop and finesse it more so that it'll end up looking somewhat decent. I'm running behind on this project so I'm feeling flustered and rushed. I still don't know what to do officially for the background.

For a combination birthday/Hanukkah present the husband got me a flat-screen monitor. HOLY CRAP what a difference it makes when it comes to doing the art crap on the computer! I can actually see what I'm doing for once! I can turn it 90 degrees, too! It's nifty!

This week I hope to check out the Murakami exhibit. I'm feeling pent-up and out of ideas art-wise.


Ken Mitchroney said...

Looks Perrrrrrfect to me lady. Happy monitor by the way. Got me one a few months back and what a difference.It was like i has some kind of Computer cataracts or something.
Pin ups look so much better now.

RedDiabla said...

You ain't kiddin' about computer cataracts! I'm now afraid to look at my older work and see allllllllllllllll the small mistakes I let slip by just because I couldn't see them with the old monitor!