Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mucho Mucha

The holidays have been great this year. Both sets of parents decided for one reason or another that shopping is overrated, so they didn't get anyone anything and didn't really expect much from us, either. It turned out to be a fantastic way of doing things, and made everything much more enjoyable and fun.

My one drawback from this fabulous plan came when I didn't get a calendar like I usually do from my sister. So yesterday I ventured forth into the shopping-crazy world to see what I could get.

I ended up with a calendar of one of my favorite artists, Alfons Mucha. You've seen his work. You can't miss it. It defined Art Nouveau. Check it out:

I wish I could draw like that! Absolutely gorgeous! As an added bonus, the calendar was 50% off. Yay, me!

Other holiday presents that I bought myself:

  • new knee and elbow pads for the roller derby
  • sportsbras. Lots of them
  • a PRISTINE vanity case from the 1960's
  • pants from the Gap. On sale for cheep

Hooray for commercialism!

I've also been eating like crazy. Four pounds have been gained just this week. Hooray for gluttony!

TCM has been showing a lot of cool movies the past week or so. My favorite so far is The Man Who Came to Dinner. GENIUS! Hooray for Monty Woolley! Not the funniest clip, but a fun clip nontheless:


Ken Mitchroney said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR LADY ! I did the same calendar shopping myself. And you are right, 50 % off rocks.
I'm so glad you got to watch " The man who came to dinner". it's one of my favorites.
I want to be just like Monty Woolley when i grow up.
I'm right now, working through the 5 box sets of Mr Moto and Charlie Chan. Awesome! Don't forget to send me your helmet. I have a break from freelancing in a few days and will be catching up on all my custom work.

RedDiabla said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and the Redhead, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurtin' Ernie said...

I played Sheridan Whiteside in my high school's production of "The Man Who Came to Dinner".