Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love Post-its

Because I can draws stuff like this:

That was my attitude after just a week at the last job. Not a good sign!

It's also not a good sign that I couldn't even bother to use any kind of use of perspective, even in a damn doodle.

Another idea/sequence that won't see the light of day:

It's the last remaining drawing from a Karate Kid inspired sequence that got thoroughly butchered in the final board. I'm only mildly disappointed, as I had to come up with a whole bunch of gags over an intense weekend workout of, "Oh crap the board artist didn't do anything for this section and now I have to find a way to make it work let's see what can I do? I know I'll rip off the Karate Kid and everyone will think it's teh funnay!!"

Yeah, right.

Out of 4 quick gag sequences I pulled out of my @$$ over a two day post-it scribbling period, only two of them were used. Thank goodness for the post-its, and their expendability matched my talent on that sequence!

Tomorrow I start a freelance gig. Yay, money!!

1 comment:

Ken Mitchroney said...

Love working on them and hate to see them come back on a board.
Have fun on your freelance gig lady, and don't embarrass me.