Thursday, May 29, 2008

Under Pressure

I woke up this morning to a frantic email from the head of the Derby Dolls' Art Department.

The flier for the upcoming Battle on the Bank tournament that we're hosting at the end of next month was, shall we say, subpar to our high, exacting standards. So I was asked if I could pull something out of my @$$ by tomorrow as a replacement. This is what I pulled out today by 5pm:

I'm not too displeased with it. I like the battling girls, at any rate. So should you.

I had to put aside my freelance for the day to do this, but as it turns out, that was for the best because an updated version of the script came in late today and I would've had to adjust stuff anyway. GO, ME!

For my LA peeps: I sure as sh!t hope you're coming to the Sirens/Tough Cookies game this Saturday. Since I'll be team managing the Tough Cookies, I'm going to be wearing an outfit that'll blow your minds.


Photos will be taken to record the silliness. I've had to severely diet all week so that I can fit into said mind-blowing outfit. The husband's excited for me to wear it, THAT'S how good it is!

Back to work...


mudsock said...

Great job on that there poster.

RedDiabla said...

Thank ewe!

Ken Mitchroney said...

Damn fine if you ask me. If that's the way you dash stuff out, keep dashing. Sorry to miss the bout, but Rat Fink calls. Up to my eyeballs in stuff to paint for the show right now. Guh!
Have a great show and save a box of Cookies for me.

RedDiabla said...

Thanx!! The Cookies didn't win the game, but they sure won in style. I can't wait for the photos to start showing up.

Chris Battle said...

I'm liking it :)

RedDiabla said...

Thanks Chris! Long time no see!