Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stuff I Didn't Think I'd Do...

This past weekend I went to the Orange County Rollergirls Roll For A Cure breast cancer fundraiser/tournament in lovely Corona, CA.

I hope to never have to drive to freakin' Corona again, but the venue where the tournament was held is great.

Too bad it's in Corona.

Anyway, while I was waiting for my chance to do some announcing, I inadvertently went skate shopping.

Now, at the beginning of the year I was planning on stepping down from Fight Crew by this time.

Yes, something resembling retirement.

My knees were in agony and I was shuffling around like a 70 year old man, my work schedule just exploded, the DH was/still is terminally neglected, the house hasn't been cleaned since the DH's birthday party back in February, and my current skates are falling apart.

Due to the above list, I was just going to let my own little entropy project take its course in the form of my skates literally falling off my feet. Which I wouldn't care about since I was gonna retire, right?!?!?!

But then things changed...the job ended, the DH got all involved with making the ruleset that we'll be using for the Battle on the Bank tournament that we'll be hosting at the end of June, and most importantly, I discovered the joys of plyometrics and started doing them about 20 minutes a session twice a week for the past couple of months.

My knees are almost what they were before I started derby.

Which is to say, they ain't 1,000%, but they're definitely skateable.

SO, there I was in miserable freakin' Corona and I start looking at skates.

One of the booths had a skate boot that's designed especially for roller derby.

They had my size.

I tried 'em on and was impressed. The booth was willing to give me a mild discount because these particular boots were a botched special order so the girl who originally ordered them didn't want them.


I also got new lightweight skateplates that cost as much as the damn boots. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

Unfortunately the plates had to be ordered and mounted on the boots, so I didn't get to take home my exciting new purchase. I should get them by next week.

With my luck, I'll suffer some horrific injury right after I get the new skates.

OR, I'll have to skate for at least a year longer to justify the cost of the damn things.

Either way, I'm happily broke right now.

Here's some more drawings from last year. This first one was obviously done after I watched some old movie:

Very Rita Hayworth, don't you think?

I did this one before I did the above drawing. It looks like I was channeling Pamela Anderson a little bit. Ugh.

Oh! I momentarily forgot to mention my almost-brush-with-fame-story...

On my last day of work, I went to the main lot for one last round of dvd shopping. Got the DH the complete Brisco County dvd set and Bullit for myself. As I was wandering around, I happened to stroll by the set where they film Two and a Half Men or whatever that series is that stars Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer.

In front of the soundstage were parking spaces, and I looked at the nice expensive cars of the producers who parked there and wondered to myself where Charlie Sheen parks. At just that instant, he hurries out from some hidden nook, obviously late for...something.

Poor bastard. To be running late and having to rush by some strange-looking woman dressed all in black, carrying a bag of dvd's and an umbrella on a sunny California day.

Gotta give him credit, he's a professional. I smiled, he smiled back as he rushed off to his important whatever-it-was that he was late for.

One of these days I hope to "accidentally" bump into George Clooney!

And since people have been asking, here's the latest on Beavis.

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