Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Mostest Prized Computer Possession

One of my most valuable files on my old computer was my "jpgs" file. Whenever I found something beautiful, horrifying, or inspirational, it was saved in that file.

As I was burning my eyes out doing the file transfer from old computer to new(which I'm still not done with), I almost forgot about the file. Then last night, just as I was dozing off, I jolted myself awake with, DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE JPG FILE, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I transferred it, with a great sigh of relief.

There's some hysterical stuff in there.

Here's a very, very small sampling. I didn't include the artwork that I've gathered, as I don't have permission from the artists to repost their stuff. Most of the art stuff I've gathered is rad pinup girls, so you're gonna miss out! Photos in my world is fair game, however...

Jean Harlow:

I find her fascinating because she's really kinda funny looking if you get a good gander at her. Yet she was most definitely a beautiful woman. I think her personality shows through, which is what makes her so gorgeous.

This isn't art, so I included it:

Remember Baby Looney Tunes? Yeah, I worked on that. Some would think I should do the world a favor by offing myself for it, but hey, the industry is nothing if not crapacious sometimes.

This particular frame-grab was thrown up onto the web by a very angry Looney Tunes fan who posted it on an animation board screaming about how this show pisses on the old Looney Tunes legacy, etc.

I drew that particular scene, you see. Yep, baby kitty rapping. Oh, the shame!

I also did a scene where a certain young stuttering pig eats ham. That's right. I DID IT.

And it was funny. At least in the storyboard stage. I got some comments on that, oh yes I did.

My reaction? Hey, I helped piss on the old Looney Tunes legacy! Woohoo!

I have to admit, I did stuff on that show that would've made a professional blush.

From the LiveJournal photo feed:

I don't know what's going on here, but it's amusing.

The LJ Photofeed is where I get most of my stuff. It has everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. From cartoons to pinups to photos of cats to landscapes to museum exhibitions to suicide aftermaths to p0rn. Lots of p0rn. Too much goddam p0rn.

What's really annoying about the p0rn is that the uploads are the same 20 damn photos. Which is baffling to me...a world full o' internets and more than a world full o' porn and people only have the creativity to repost the same threesomes time after time? If I'm going to get grossed out by double penetration, I'd like to see some creativity from the users by using the goddam Google site to get some new material, dammit.

Where was I? Oh yeah, looking at stuff that I LIKE to look at:

Joan Crawford:

Goddam, but she was HOT in the 1930's. I can't say much more than that.

More Live Journal:

Yeah, it's some critter eating that fish's tongue. Ewwwwwwww.

WWII fighter planes:

I found this as I was starting the Fight Crew Death from Above girl-on-a-plane. The plane I ended up practically tracing in Illustrator was a Spitfire.

Huh, now that I think about it, I don't know if I have that particular file anymore...I did some heavy-duty deleting the other day, and that may have been a casualty. Rut-roh!

Moar WWII propaganda:

The drawing itself is interesting, but what got me was the "bag of trouble". Fucking hilarious.

This is from an art exhibit in England:

I guess this breaks my "no posting art" rule, doesn't it?

Damn, but I'm a liar.

For some reason, people got their panties in a bunch over the exhibit. Which I don't understand. I think it's hilarious.

Vintage ad:

I forget whether I grabbed this because of her pose or the fact that it's funny to have a "witch" be a pitchperson for boot polish. Either way, I win for saving it to begin with.

Last and least:


So now I have to hustle to get ready to fly up to NoCal for Xmas. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. I still say "Happy holidays" as I'm still a holiday opportunist. So there.



George said...

Happy holidays to you and Steph.

Thanks for the blog.

Cagey said...

The LJ woman's head/neck is...a giant thumb?

Little Kenny said...

Wait. What? I'm in Nor Cal right this very instant. I'm in Redwood City. Hope you're having a good time in your part of Nor Cal.

Happy Chriskwanzekah!!

Tilda Whirl said...

A holiday gift for you: I think I have Death From Above girl.

Happy everything! I wish you lots of wine and food. And then skating to skate off the wine and food...

RedDiabla said...

George: same to you!

Cagey: apparently so. The cross-eyes adds that extra touch of...uh...sophistication? uh...

LK: so close, and yet so far.

Tilda; really? AWESOME! How'd your flight go?

Busta Armov said...

That Jean Harlow pic kinda resembles the pose in that big mural...of YOU!

Busta Armov said...

Also, when WB did "Tiny Toon Adventures" the Porky-Pig-esque character (Hammy?) was Jewish, and didn't eat ham.

RedDiabla said...

Dear Husband: yeah, I ripped off Jean Harlow because I'm SMOOV like that.

I haven't watched Tiny Toons in years...I wonder if I'd find it just as annoying now as I did then...

Stefania said...

Found you on classmates (lame but I use it), followed the link to your blog (awesome).

Happy Holidays and all that, Stefania Romero, formerly vonGortler.

I've got a Nermal caricature you drew in my year book from jr. high, or maybe it was garfield...who knows.

You can find me online at Stefania Wine, the blog page is horribly dry compared to yours. :-)