Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ya Get What Ya Pay For...

Thanksgiving weekend I threw my lower back out something fierce. Luckily I was able to pop it back into place, but it took a whole day of hobbling around on crutches and cussing non-stop to be able to get to that point.

Things were fine by my birthday weekend, thank goodness.

This past Saturday morning the Husband mentioned something about him thinking he's getting sick. However, he always thinks he's getting sick, so I didn't pay much attention.

He got sick.

Then on Monday after practice, I noticed that my throat was sore and scratchy.


Tuesday morning I woke up with my ears plugged up, my throat still sore, and now my upper back was in horrible pain.


The back thing is a reoccuring event...the Thanksgiving weekend incident was basically my Yearly Blowing Out My Back Again in November. But the getting sick thing pisses me off, mainly because I went and got a flu shot in mid-November. OK, it was a free flu shot, but I had hoped it would've staved off the thick, cottony monster that's currently residing in my sinuses and ears. No such luck.

Luckily(?!?!) for me, I'm not skating fer shure in the last game of the Derby Dolls season this coming Saturday. In fact, I don't anticipate skating at all, since I'm officially an alternate and the team has its full roster going in.

Which brings me to another tangent...being an on-call alternate sucks. Alternates aren't in the infield during a game, but they're suited up on the outside of the track, ready to go in case a regular player goes out due to injury. So they get to watch the game, but they can't do the other fun thing that one usually does when watching a game...drink. I'm sorry, but watching roller derby when completely sober isn't as much fun as when one has a beer or 24.

And even if a team member goes out during the game, I personally don't think I should be put in.


Because the team has 15 of the best players the league has. Within their normal teams, those players are in at least half the jams during a regular game. During an all-star game, they play less, because everyone's fairly equal skills-wise, so for the most part everyone gets rotated in equally. Which means they don't hit their usual ass-kicking stride, because they're playing less than half the jams.

So if I'm put in, not only do I not get into my ass-kicking groove, but it prevents most of the other players from hitting their respective ass-kicking grooves, too.

Bleh. I'd rather sit and drink from the sidelines.

Then again, maybe it's just the Sudafed talking.

Back to work...

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Busta Armov said...

It's the Sudafed talking. That stuff's nasty even though it's effective at its job. It's a cranky amplifier.