Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm starting to transfer all the files from my old computer to my brand-spankin' new computer, now that I have a minute to breathe as I wait for my final notes on my latest freelance.

Getting a new computer is super, but transferring, organizing and deleting the 10 metric tons o' files(mostly derby and art related crap) is already making my head hurt and I just started on it this morning.

Of course it's raining, so I can't distract myself with a nice beach skate. Dammit.

And I haven't done much in the way of holiday shopping. Dammit.

And I'm eating too much and have gained about 8 pounds. Dammit.

BUTT, I've been watching cool old movies galore. So there.

Alright, back to making my eyes bleed some more...


Marzipan said...

Happy holidays!!!


Ken Mitchroney said...

If watching old movies was thinning we would weigh about 2 pounds. Happy Merry!

RedDiabla said...

Same to you, Marzipan!

Kenny: if watching old movies was thinning you'd be in the negative numbers!

I take it you're back in California safe and sound?

Ken Mitchroney said...

Yup. Beat the storm out of Portland by a few hours saturday . Check in with you kids during the holidays.