Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Before and After

This week I've been on-call to go downtown for potential jury selection. Monday and Tuesday I got off free, but Wednesday morning will find me sleepily wandering around on Temple St. looking for the right courthouse to report in at 7:45am.


That's just inhuman for a night owl like me.

At least I don't have work this week, and I can't imagine that any attorney would be stupid enough to put me on a jury, so it's worth losing a little sleep over. Hell, I haven't been sleeping well anyway.

I has another game coming up! I designed a poster for it:

Art Department co-head Ryder Hard said, That's OK, but this is better:

I have to agree! I like how she took my pseudo-new wave attempt and made it look old school east LA boxing poster-esque.

My team FINALLY got new uniforms, too. We look purty(well, most of us. At a recent photo shoot showing off our new threads, I look like a transvestite. SRSLY)! I think we'll do well in this next game.

So mark yer calendars: Saturday, March 28! See me skate!!!!!

Moar fun stuff: I'm on the flat track Ri-Ettes all-star team!! We'll be skating in the Big One tournament in mid-May, which features California leagues Angel City, BAD Girls, Sac City, Sacred City, and...LA!! We're uber stoked about this, because as far as I know it's the first time a banked track league has been invited to skate in a flat track tournament!

I'm also an alternate again for the banked track Ri-Ettes this year. Why the discrepancy between the flat track and banked track versions of the roster? Not all the Ri-Ettes wanted to skate flat. Win for me! And frankly, I find B teams to be more fun anyway. Though I do hope to go to this year's Battle on the Bank tournament in Austin this June in any capacity possible.

Welp, I gotta go get ready for my early rising tomorrow, as well as getting together something resembling a lesson plan for this weekend's Blood & Thunder camp in San Diego that I'm supposed to be coaching at. Lourdy!

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Little Kenny said...

You do NOT look like a transvestite. Busta looks more like one than you. ;)