Monday, March 02, 2009

Love Random Pix? Here's yet moar!

My hand is sore from drawing so much. As I scan away, here's some more stoopid stuff to look at:


Anonymous said...

Hey sandi. Guess What... I just got friended to BEN ADAMS on facebook.

troy said...

Ok you.
Since you're giving us things to look at, here's two for you.

If you haven't tuned into Pandora internet radio, do it. Give it a song or band as a starting point, and it tailors a music playlist around that and what you give a thumbs up or down to as it goes. It's really good at finding new music you haven't heard based on your tastes, and you end up with some great "radio stations" (that you make) that play stuff you actually like.

Do a google image search for "Chase the cat". Brace yourself if you don't know about cutesey widdle Chase.

Lemme know if these were at all useful, soul destroying.

RedDiabla said...

The...Illustrious Ben?!

Troy: Pandora hates me. Or I'm too picky. It starts off well, but then they'll play a particular song I hate by an artist I like. That's when things go very, very wrong.

I has yet to check out Chase the cat.

troy said...

Yeah, I have the same problem with certain types of music.
Pandora says to be brutal when giving thumbsdown ratings, so I hose even artists I like if the song isn't right. Trying to make a Nina Hagen station is near impossible. Everything they give me that isn't her is WTF territory (like she isn't queen of WTF territory).

Still, found lots of good stuff I never knew was out there.

Sorry in advance for Chase the cat.