Friday, March 27, 2009

What It Takes...

I've been thinking a great deal about what it takes mentally to win at roller derby.

One would think it doesn't take much, but I'm finding more and more that this game is ALLLL mental, with just a smidge of talent.

Much like Dumbo.

As a diversion, I'll talk about Dumbo for a moment. It's one of the very few Disney movies that I can stomach. Compared to other Disney films of the general era, it was done on the cheap, which appeals to my Warner Bros. sensibilities.

My parents got me the Dumbo storybook LP when I was but a small child, and I would listen to the LP over and over and over again. Pink Elephants on Parade was of course my favorite part. The other fave section was Dumbo with the crows. Pure genius.

And that's where roller derby comes in. I haven't found the magic feather that will make me fly. And I shouldn't need one, but I do.

Looking at game footage from this season shows me that my team has what it takes to win. But we let the little things get to us, and that's when we lose the magic feather. I don't know how to grab Timothy the mouse in time to reassure me that yes, you can fly! YOU CAN FLY! YOU CAN FLY!!!!!!

But we'll try again and see what happens. Hopefully we won't wait until we're jumping out of the prop burning building to find out that our flying abilities are just fine, thank you very much.

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