Thursday, October 15, 2009


Still a busy week for me.

The car had a faulty O2 censor in it, and so it had to be taken in for fixing. Unlike my last car, this was covered under the extended warranty I smartly bought, and so the total damage to my pocketbook was just over $100. WIN!

In the meantime, the rain kept me from being as mobile as I want to be. Ah well, it'll go back to being dry and miserable soon enough.

Skating in Tuscon this weekend. Will be driving out there. UGH. I kinda wish I wasn't going, as I've been needing to study character designs for the upcoming gig that I start next Monday. UGH.

And something to actually look at...

I started to actually use my flickr account as an online portfolio, especially since my old website hasn't been updated in...forever. I no longer have the website program to access said old website, so that's that. But yesterday I FINALLY added a set about my favorite hobby, drawing on people. I have a LOT of photos of my drawings on people, but this set is a pretty decent documentation of the general jist of it all.

Now back to doing stuff. Today it's a visit to the tattoo-removal place and practice. Just over a week away from the last game of the season for my team. It'd better be worth it.

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Little Kenny said...

Shit. Mrs. LK just had to replace her O2 sensor as well, like just last week. No extended warranty here though. $300 bucks later and she's back on the road. Good luck with the road trip to Tuscon.