Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things I Learned in Tuscon This Weekend

In random order:

  • Dealing with an ant invasion in the kitchen because the cat didn't like his cat food from the night before when one is trying to leave the house was very, very frustrating.

  • How to spell "Tucson".

  • Remembering to bring an mp3 player for the longest. Drive. EVAR.

  • Pants are optional, but nice.

  • Freak heatwaves in October suck.

  • Forgetting to pack a bathing suit is riDONKulous.

  • Playing the Tucson league is FUUUUUUUUN.

  • Losing is no bueno.

  • LA Derby Dolls know how to throw an afterparty.

  • The only worthwhile thing to do in Quartzite, AZ is to buy earrings with bugs in them.

  • Gas up in Arizona, not California.

  • The Days Inn in Tucson is apparently "ewwwww", according to Killo and Amber.

  • The Holiday Inn Express is sa-WANK.

  • The Comfort Inn isn't too shabby, either.

  • Tucson skaters? SRSLY, they're awesome.

  • I have never loved the marine layer on the LA Westside so much as I did today when we came home.

  • Do not ever play covers of Robin Trower music in front of me from your mp3 collection. Play the real thing or deal with me screaming, "BLUESHAMMER!"at the top of my lungs repeatedly.

  • If I can't get into the afterparty, make sure you have a sooper-VIP-afterparty-Afterparty so that I feel better. It works.

  • Even when we lose, we win.

  • Heckling is only as good as the volume at which it's done at. If we can't hear you, it doesn't count.

  • Downtown Tucson is confusing to navigate.

  • Every time I think that I hate LA, I find out what I like about it when I leave and then come back.

  • However, California NEEDS Waffle Houses. SRSLY. That stuff is tasty. I don't know if I can live with myself for not trying them out when I was in Texas years ago. FOR SHAME.

  • Is amused that the Cabazon dinosaur exhibits are owned by creationists. Some of the literature at the Gift Shop is...uh...interesting.

  • Finding that the ants didn't reinvade the kitchen was very, very nice.

  • I loveloveLOVE skating with the Derby Dolls. Truly a bunch of klassy broads.


Suzy Snakeyes said...

Things I learned:

Swap meets are filled with treasures, and I need to visit them more often.

If you have 12 people staying in a house with just one bathroom, showers are totally optional.

Tucson fans and announcers LOVE sasquatch sightings.

Dunkin Donuts is a beyond suitable replacement for Starbucks.

It's impossible to buy towels after 11pm.

LADD may have lost the game, but we win at Tucson (and Venus De Maul'r is the swap meet MVP)!

Ken Mitchroney said...

Waffle House!!!!! YES!