Sunday, July 18, 2010

Debbie Downer

I've been feeling ill all weekend.

Which sucks for so many reasons, the foremost being that I should've used some of that sick time to get work done over the weekend, but there was NO WAY I would've accomplished anything while feeling crapacious in Borebank during the summer when there's NO AIR CONDITIONING. Blargh.

So I stayed on the Westside and figured out a last-minute Comic Con booth babe outfit and slept incessantly. I now think my "illness" was my body rebelling against the stress I've been piling on since I started the New Job. I now can only hope to survive until October with both sanity and body somewhat intact.

To top off this weekend of blah, I heard that the Disney artist I donated platelets for died over the weekend.


While I finish out the weekend in sleep-filled anger, enjoy these random photos:


Randall said...

Sorry to hear it... about everything. Heat + Allergies = shitty times for me too, but you add work, or tragedy to any of that, and subtract a/c. Well. Just a Goddamn hard time.

Bronnie said...

Am I misunderstanding this-- NO AC at BB ? That IS sucky shite.
Re: the coworker.. don't stress about it..Whoever they are,they are the asshole-- not you; this is NOT worth your stomach lining.