Friday, July 02, 2010


Doing better today.


But I REALLY fucking hate the new photo uploader here on blogspot. Can't edit worth a damn. But here are some fun photos from Battle on the Bank III last weekend in San Diego. Soooooooooooo much fun! And yes, I jammed. Once. And got heckled MIGHTILY for it by the online announcers. Don't believe me? Watch the game here and prepare to be amused. It was the most fun game of the weekend, and it showed.

Oh, and I caused not one, but two medical call-offs in the game against TXRD on Sunday. You can check out that game here, here and here. That game was also a first for me...I got threatened with expulsion for "pulling down a skater". Which wasn't quite the case. TXRD jammer comes up, I hit her to the high side. She goes falling towards the kickrail, looking like she's going to fly off the track. She grabbed my hand, I grabbed hers. It was definitely mutual, but the refs only see my fat hand. So I got a penalty and a Very Stern Warning. Harrumph. As if I need to grab anyone to take 'em down.

Anyway, I must go take down the work demons now. Enjoy the pix from Stalkerazzi:


Randall said...

No badass. So. Very. Bad. Ass.

Cagey said...

I want Tara shirt #2 to be of that first shot.

Busta Armov said...

I highlighted your wondrous outing as a jammer so people can watch just the clip of your jam: