Monday, July 12, 2010


Today is a two-parter...

Work is still stressing me out. I suppose it'll continue to do so for awhile. I haven't been able to relax and just do what I can do, if that makes any sense.

On top of just the work load, I'm feeling very...awkward around a particular individual at work. I don't directly work for this person, but they're in the same general director's offices/storyboard artist cubicle area as myself. I've worked on some the same shows as this person in the past, and failed to introduce myself to them because of said awkwardness. They really put on an air of NOT WANTING TO BE BOTHERED BY THE LIKES OF ME. The awkward part is that apparently this air only applies to me; this person is very nice and friendly to just about everyone else. I'll say hello to this person as we pass each other in the hall...they almost never respond. We have mutual friends and acquaintances, and they all think this person is great in both talent and personality. do I deal with this?

If it were derby, it'd be comparitively easy...due to close physical proximity and getting the chance to hit the bejeezus out of each other to get out aggression and figure out a groove of where the other person is coming from, a relationship has to be forged where we have to work together to get shit done. Due to being required to work together, we'd find some sort of common ground to work with and not be too annoyed by it at worst, and be friends at best.

But this? I'm already in Full Tilt Awkward And OMG Am I Still In High School? Mode to go up to this person and say, "You know, it's so weird we've never really you doin'?" because I imagine this person would ignore me or be snide or say nothing is wrong yet the behavior would continue, which would not only make me continue to feel awkward, but then I'd feel like a bigger loser than I already am.

I'm supposed to be a grown up about this type of thing, but I sure as hell don't feel like one.


Now let's move on to squeamish...

Apparently last night Kitty got into a fight with a possum over cat food that's left out for Kitty, Blue, and Scaredy Cat to munch on at their leisure. It was a serious enough fight, the Dear Husband went out to the back porch to see what was going on, and was confronted with a very angry Kitty and a very scared possum. Kitty usually is so mellow with us, but mid-fight? He'll cut you. Or at least growl at you.

I missed all that, as I was sleeping and having panicky dreams about work.

This morning as I was on my way out for an early-morning bicycle ride, I look down and see:

What the what?

Oh, a mouse. Missing its hind legs:

Strangely enough, Kitty wasn't around to prance proudly as I muttered under my breath about dumb cats and poor vermin and damn this thing is stiff as a board and yuck! as I scooped up the little corpse into a couple of plastic bags and placed it into the trash bin(thank goodness today was Trash Day!). Of course I would've petted him and told him how awesome he was if he were around.

At least his job is easy.


Donna A. said...

Regarding the awkward person. I have two of those here at work. Everybody says how great they are but they won't even acknowledge that I exist. I tried being friendly but was always met with no response at all. I finally gave up and pass them in the hall without acknowledging them. I figure it's not worth stressing about anymore.

RedDiabla said...

Ugh, that sucks.