Thursday, September 15, 2005

Driving and Distraction

I usually hate driving. That's why I have a motorcycle. However, it's a pain in the ass to ride a bike to, say, San Diego when one wants to skate with the league down there. So yesterday I ended up being the driver for four of us from LA to trek on down to SD for derby practice.

Despite traffic, I almost had fun driving. It's purely because I had company, I'm sure. It's not often that I actually get to talk to others in the league for extended periods of time...we're usually seeing all of each other at practice, at a meeting, or in a bar. Being stuck in a car brings up the usual skate topics, but it also expands the realm of conversation to the point where I now know that one of my teamates has a sister who's an animal chiropractor. Who knew?! I would've done the same drive today, except that I had morning plans that interfered.

Which brings me to the said plans. Five other derby girls and myself were slated to be on a game show for Comedy Central called "Distraction". It's a quiz show that's actually kind of interesting to watch. I'd love to tell you what our particular distraction was for the contestants, but it'll air soon enough in January where you can see for yourselves.

One thing that I found distracting was that I had to wear a pink shirt. I HATE pink. Loathe it. Can't stand it. Especially if it's baby pink. It's just disgusting. And it shows sweat stains very prominantly. So of course the dressing room that we were all in didn't have air conditioning or a window so that said sweat stains wouldn't happen. I'm betting that I'll be looking like a total pig in the show.

We also had to deal with a slick floor to skate on. One of the girls went to a rehearsal for the segment yesterday and told us to wear our indoor wheels. FYI, there's a difference between indoor and outdoor skate wheels. Indoor tend to be a little harder so that you can go faster on, say, a rink floor. Outdoor are softer for a little more grab and a little more cushion going over whatever comes across your path. On slick floors, the outdoor wheels would be better for the grip factor. I brought that up to said girl that advised us to bring indoor wheels, but she said she slid around more on her outdoor wheels. I was baffled by this and decided to take both my indoor and outdoor skates with me.

I'm glad I did.

The floor was stupid-slick and we had to skate in a tight circle. In rehearsal I was sliding all over the place with my indoor skates, which prevented me from doing the distracting thing I was supposed to do. As soon as I had the chance I changed skates. Ahhhhhhh, better! During the taping, however, me and one of the other girls got our feet tangled up and we almost fell. That's gonna look GREAT, I'm sure.< /sarcasm>.

Most of the crew were very nice, and the contestant who won the round we were in was pretty cool. We left some stickers and went on our way by 2pm.

Now I can get back to finishing the burlesque flyer I'm doing for the league. Btw, keep Oct. 10 free if you want to see some women take their clothes off at the Derby.

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