Tuesday, September 13, 2005


So as the world knows, LA had a power outage pretty much city-wide yesterday. You'd think that the Apocalypse was upon us with the way the tv news was carrying on about it, but the only thing that happened was that traffic got even more stupid. Yeah, I didn't think that was possible either, but there it was.

I was on my bicycle when the power went out and didn't even know what had happened until I got home and the husband announced that said power was out. He also said the weird thing about said power going out was that when it did, all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking, but everything else got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally quiet. Weird!

Everything was back up and running a short time later, except for our cable internet access. THAT sucked.

Later in the day I had to go to a Derby Doll meeting in Los Feliz, and afterwards went to the Derby to watch some burlesque. Yes, burlesque. It's alive and well, and frankly is quite entertaining in a world where explicit porn reigns supreme on computer screens across the land. I like-a the tease. And the outfits. And the musical selection. And the women. They're not air-brushed sex toys...they're real women. HAWT!! I tell you. It didn't matter what size, shape, hair color, or tattoos these women had, they were all pretty damn attractive in different ways. A great reminder that we all don't have to look like Pamela Anderson or Anna-Nicole Smith to be pretty.

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