Monday, September 19, 2005

OVER THE LINE, SMOKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I went bowling for the second time ever in my life. The first time I bowled I hurt myself. That sucked. This time went much better, which I attribute to sucking down a couple of White Russians through the course of the game. Yes, I'm a big fan of the Big Lebowski, so I was gonna live that aspect up as much as possible. Myna Threat and Blitzkrieg also ordered rounds for themselves due to my evil influence. I even wore a Lebowskifest shirt just for added geek points. Oh yeah, this was a bowling fundraiser for the Derby Dolls, and it was fun. The best bowling form I saw was from Markie D Sod, who added some real artistic moves to the bowling repetoire. It was a sight to behold. She proudly announced that she was the lowest scorer on her team. Way to go, Markie!

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