Friday, February 17, 2006

Farewell, Lulabelle

I'm home from the hospital after getting my lump, Lulabelle removed. I'm irked that I didn't get to keep her, but they said they had to take her to the lab for further testing. The doctor said she would take a picture of Lulabelle for me, but I won't know for sure if she did until next Thursday when I go in for a follow-up visit.

Things I've learned: anesthesia doesn't have to make one nauseous. This is the first time where I didn't feel like puking my guts out after being put under for surgery. The hospital staff went to some lengths to make my stay a non-vomiting one.

Morphine's good stuff. I had the opportunity to take morphine for pain while in the hospital. At first it made my stomach a little upset, but I got over that. At the time I didn't think the stuff worked too well, but now that I'm home and am in more pain, I now know the subtle glory that is a pain-free existence thanks to morphine.

Being put on an IV drip sucks when all one wants to do is sleep. I kept waking up every 3 hours to go use the restroom because of the IV drip. Dang. It took the buzz off the morphine a little.

If you're ever in Westwood and want a good donut, go to Stan's Donuts. I demanded an apple fritter on my way home and that place was where we stopped to get it. Dee-licious! The husband and my seestir found a really good pizza place in Westwood too. They had pizza while I was recovering from the surgery. Lucky bastards!

I can't fully shower until Sunday. Ick.

Lulabelle was a little larger than a walnut. Wow, I've been carrying a walnut-sized tumor in my neck?! Weird!

I have some awesome friends. A couple of my derby girls are supposed to come by with food from our favorite Italian place, Alejo's. That stuff's the best! I can't wait!

Have I babbled enough? I think I have.


George said...

Glad you came through it OK. Good luck with the pain.

BixDog said...

I'm glad you killed off Lulabelle for good, & I hope you're feeling better. That's one lovely lady lump the world can do without.
Enjoy your opiates!