Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Babblings...

This week has been another fun-filled stressfest. Still no job prospects, the husband's computer died, and one of the cats decided to go on a projectile-vomiting spree.

Since Disney bought Pixar, a lot of stuff over there is on hold. CBS and the WB network are merging, so not a whole lot is going on at Warners, either. I can't get into Cartoon Network even if I fellated the entire staff including the janitors and gave 'em all $100 bills afterwards. Same with Nickelodeon. Am I sounding whiny? Sure I am.

The husband's computer suddenly and very abruptly died. He kvetched for a day but found another one for a semi-decent price at Fry's Electronics. The big score was upgrading to 2 flat-screen monitors for his geek needs. The cats are absolutely freaking out over the monitors. They love sitting on top of the old monitors, so when the husband set up the new ones, the cats tried to jump on top of them to curl up and sleep as usual. Whoops. That didn't work out so well, and it's left the critters sitting on the husband's desk looking very confused over the whole thing.

The angriest cat in the world decided to projectile vomit a lot last Thursday evening. She likes to puke on carpeting, but she did a helluva number when she upchucked all over our vcr, cable box, and spare dvd player in the den. I took her to the vet, where they had to sedate her just to examine her. Her liver is larger than normal; her heart smaller than normal. They took some blood, hydrated her, and sent her home. She was OK over the weekend, but Sunday night brought more vomitrotious fun. So I called the vet and asked what could be done. They decided that they had enough of her blood sample left to do another test, and I came in to pick up some antibiotics and anti-vomit medication. The next day she stopped puking. Two days later and she's strong enough to growl at me when I pick her up to give her her medication. Three days later and she's back to pawing my face with her claws in my sleep. Whatever was wrong seems to be at bay for the moment.

I'm not even going to mention the derby drama going on. It's just too stupid. At least the husband had a good if low-key birthday yesterday.


Elliot said...

I can offer you work but I'm afraid it will include a bit of the fellating you are offering the janitorial staff at Cartoon Network.
You won't have to pay me though.

RedDiabla said...

Good to know you're not in it just for the money!

Uccellina said...

Happy b-day to the husbyatch. Glad kitty is better.

Sorry work/lack of work sucks. We're right there with you.