Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh, Come ON!

I offer three perfectly wretched specimens of cathood up for "adoption" and I get no takers. None! Shocked, I am. Maybe it's because I didn't put up a pic? Well, here ya go. Look, I only drew one oozing orifice!

Last night on Comedy Central there was a Derby Doll appearance (and yours truly was amongst the throng) on a game show called Distraction. We got to skate around the contestants and hit them with little velcro flags while they try to answer trivia questions. It was fun. One of the guy contestants seemed to really not mind being hit by six roller derby girls. Hopefully the episode will be rerun a bunch o' times. Luckily we recorded it.

I'm still in Unemployment Land, so I'm thinking of making some 1" buttons to sell for fun and profit. I'm thinking of making four designs, and selling them in little four-packs. The images to use is of course the hardest part...should I use stuff I already have, or make new stuff? Ah, to think and to dream...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that is a really pretty picture of your bitch cat from HELL. You captured her so well!