Sunday, February 05, 2006

O. G.

Last night one of my Fight Crew girls had a 40th birthday party for her husband. Since the Big 4-0 was involved, the theme for the party was gangsta-oriented...dress like a gangsta, bring 40's of Old English, and a bottle or two of Night Train. Being LA, most who attended went for the Mexican cholo/chola look. The music was fun...when the husband and I first arrived rap was heard, but as the night went on everything from the Circle Jerks to Neil Diamond was playing. Dang. We should've insisted on them playing the mix CD we brought after all...everything from the Datsuns to Deep Purple to Rosemary Clooney. Oh yeah, I'm a mix-master!

Below is a photo of me and Markie D Sod sporting our chola looks. People thought I actually shaved off my eyebrows for this. Ha!


Elliot said...

What are you supposed to be dressed as?

RedDiabla said...

A chola. See the cholo/chola Urban Dictionary link I posted for a better idea of what it's about.