Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Thanksgiving week, and I'm hoping to catch up on work. I only have to be at one roller derby practice this week, and I have clearcoating galore to do on toilet seats.
One thing is really bugging the bejeezus out of me, though.
Why the hell is LA traffic even more messed up than usual?!
It takes me an hour to go 13 miles in the evening for derby practice.

I really started noticing this a few weeks before Daylight Savings Time ended. Now, when DST ends, people freak out for the first week or so when they have to *gasp* drive at night when previously it was still day. But usually they get over themselves and driving can commence at a more reasonable pace after that initial week of adjustment.
Not this time. Everyone in the LA metro area has left their house and is on the road all the time now.
Last night I went to a dinner in Silverlake and decided to take the motorcycle just for fun. Luckily I did, because I ended up lanesplitting at least half of the distance. On a Sunday night. Made me wish I was in Texas, where a lot of businesses are closed on Sunday, hence making traffic a breeze.
Where is everyone going? Are they sure they have to be in a car to go there? Is it the nice, summery weather we're still having? Whatever it is, it's making me extremely cranky.
Anyway, while the weather holds I hope to finish the Mudsock Commission lid as well as another seat that has to go into the travelling edition of the Toyroom's Everything Nice show that's going to be at ThinkSpace in December. I sold both pieces I had in the show, so I have to come up with at least one piece for the travelling version. How neat is that?!

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