Monday, November 27, 2006


Hmm, for some reason, one of my drawings isn't showing up. Ah well. This-here is a logo idea for the breakaway roller derby league in Sacramento, the Sacred City Derby Girls.

Yes, a ripoff of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I might be going to hell for this, if it's chosen. Which I have no idea whether it will be or not. Whatever, it was fun to do.

I still have the cold from hell. The husband has a cough from double-hell. Last night he couldn't sleep because every time he laid down, he'd start coughing. No matter how much cough medicine he took, he still coughed far into the night. Poor thing! He ended up sleeping on our couch which has a recliner feature so that he wasn't completely perpendicular to the ground. That helped a little bit. Hopefully he got in to see his doctor today so that he could get some killer cough medicine to help him get some sleep.

While the husband was coughing away, I caught a documentary on cable about Charles Bukowski called Born Into This. I've never read Bukowski, but I'd heard of him before. Interesting guy, but seems rather misogynistic. What's ironic about his misogyny is that he didn't seem able to function very well without women in his life. I think that's true about a lot of guys, unfortunately. I also think it's not just a one-way street...women can be quite hateful towards men and not be able to cope without them, either.

Funny how life works, sometimes.

Back to work for me. I might get this stoopid storyboard done this week after all...woohoo!

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