Sunday, November 05, 2006

Undefeated in 2006

Yep, undefeated.

My team pulled quite a coup last night in Little Tokyo. An undefeated season. I'm feeling pretty damn accomplished about it. I can't really tell what the rest of the team thinks...or the rest of the league, for that matter. I think some assumed that we'd win. I think some resent that we won.

Above is our skateout/introduction to the crowd at the beginning of the game. We had lights, fog machines, and one of the guys dressed as airline ground crew. Our skateout song was, "Push It" by Salt N Pepa. Yeah, that's how we roll.

The girl who was supposed to sing the National Anthem didn't show up, so the scorekeeper, Clobber Girl, sang a sweet rendition. The audience started singing along. Um, wow.

The first half of the game was insane. The score was tight, the hits were hard, and the pack was flying at the speed of light. My team wasn't at its optimum performance level. By the end of the first period we were ahead, but by only five points.

Here I am obstructing the forward progress of the Sirens' Amber Alert! I look pissed.

I look really pissed in this photo. My team was getting penalties up the wazoo, which meant that most of the second half, we skated short one blocker on almost every jam. It was crazy. I got a little angry about that. The Sirens were getting penalties too, no doubt. But we were at quite a disadvantage the second half. Luckily my awesome co-captain Myna Threat and I managed a helluva pep talk at halftime to motivate our girls to do their bestest.

But in the end, justice prevailed and my team won. The score was something like 40-17. The Sirens put up a good fight, but we fought better. That's why our team tagline is, "We Love to Fight and It Shows".

At the afterparty I made a total a$$ out of myself and lost all the buttons on my uniform shirt. And there's photos. Nice! But I think that since it's not every day that I win a league championship, some slack should be given for my idiotic behavior.

I'm sore. My shoulders are sore, my legs are killing me, and I took a smack to the jaw that misaligned something in there. Damn good thing I don't have to show up to the track until Wednesday...I need the rest.


Becca said...

WE WERE THERE IN SPIRIT!!! I swear we came (me in my Derby Dolls tee and Millet in her Fight Crew) but were turned away cuz the bout was sold out and stupid us didn't think it was necessary to secure those tix early on! UGH! We were totally bummed! But I'm really glad to hear you guys won, WOOHOO! Wish we could have been there!

RedDiabla said...

Aw, that's a bummer that you couldn't get in. Sheesh, I didn't know that we were so exclusive!

Constance said...

I googled "Clobber Girl" and your comment came up... Thanks for the compliment!