Friday, December 15, 2006

Avoiding Work

I'm being an incredibly lazy sod today.
I'm sitting at my desk, my storyboard at hand, ready to be revised and cleaned up, and I'm goofing off online.
Gotta love Fridays.
Last night the husband and I went and saw Peaches in Hollyweird. She's someone that I've found that people either love or hate. I love her music, and her explicit lyrics crack me up more than offend...her stuff is great to listen to while I draw or work out.
Anyway, due to her general outrageousness, I thought that the audience would look rather outrageous as well. Funny thing was, most of the audience showed up in hoodies and jeans.

What the..?
This wasn't a Nirvana show, it was Peaches! She herself wore about 17 pairs of shiny hot pants...I'd expect her audience to be at least half as fun wardrobe-wise! Instead, they were borrrrrrrrrrrrrring. The husband and I expected to be entertained by the people-watching, but we were sorely disappointed. When we first walked up to the venue, the husband leaned over to me and said, I feel so old! I leaned back and said, So do I! I thought that my mini skirt and fishnet stockings complete with the ol' Tiara Armov fake eyelashes would've been Amateur Hour clothing-wise, but I actually stood out. That was weird.
Halfway through the second opening act, we stopped feeling old and instead felt gypped.
Luckily Peaches herself put on a great show that made up for the lame opening acts and the boring audience. We sat up in one of the balconies and grooved. The audience almost looked lively from up there, too.
We got home by 12:30am. Jeez, remember when going to see live music meant that one would be up until the crack of noon? Gosh, I'm feeling old again!


Riley said...

"Rock show
You came to see a rock show
A big gigantic cock show
You came to see it all
Rock show"


Mary said...

12:30? What's with kids today? I'm sure I staggered out of Styx concerts later than that when I was in high school.
(And I hate myself for ever going to a Styx concert, but then again I got to see Mr Roboto performed live.
My memories deserve to be bleached.)