Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Birthdays and such

It's been a busy week.

Last Saturday was the Derby Dolls' "Babydoll Brawl" which featured the up-and-coming skaters in the league. It went off very well, and it was a definite change of pace for me, since this was the first time in three months where I wasn't actually skating in a bout.

After the bout I had the joy of eating sushi with some skaters from one of the other SoCal leagues. A very nice bunch of girls, funny as heck, and we had a great time getting to know each other and such. They're going to discover the joys of banked track derby by coming to one of our practices in January. Mwahahahahahahaha!!

Freelance has screeched to a halt because the powers-that-be are behind in getting revisions out. So I sit, comtemplating some holiday shopping and being peeved that I'm not getting paid extra for something that is far from my control. Bastids.

The Mudsock Commission is almost done. I have the clearcoating of one surface left to do. So of course the weather turns just cold enough so that it's going to be catch-as-catch-can to get it done before Xmas. Thank goodness I have another commission in the wings that I can start on in the meantime. Oh yeah, and that dreaded hollerday shopping to do.

Today is my birthday. I'm officially middle-aged, from what I can tell.

The derby girls have been wonderful. I've gotten presents and emails and a load of appreciation from them. Which I didn't expect and it almost made me cry like a little whiny girl. They even set it up so that the husband jumped out of a cake as part of the halftime festivities at the Babydoll Brawl. What could be better than that? Having him hand me a bottle of vodka in the process, that's what.

My parents gave me a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant. We're going to forgo that for tonight, however, and have something that's more tender on our girlish figures. Then we're going to watch the DVD that the husband gave me this morning, "Roller Derby MANIA!" which features footage from the height of derby cheesiness in the '70's and '80's. I'm so stoked to see that!

A few weeks ago my friend ME sent me a cool book. She says she found it disturbing, so she sent it along to me. I can't think of a better recommendation than that.

This Friday I'm going to stop by Thinkspace Gallery near Sunset Junction to check out the LA version of the Everything Nice! show that I was part of in Sacramento. Parking is absolutely atrocious in that part of LA, so I'm thinking of riding the murdercycle. That'll make a grand impression, I'm sure! Especially since after that I'm going to the Union Holiday Party in Burbank. Yeehaw!

Gosh, I'm typing a lot. Guess I gotta update this sucker more often so that the entries aren't so tediously long. I'm sure I'll have something to bitch about sooner than later.


Mike Milo said...

Happy birthday Sandy!

mudsock said...

Welcome to the Middle Ages, from here on out you'll find you have even LESS tolerance for the B.S. and other's opinions. (same thing, I know)

It's really a free-ing experience.

No more regrets, 'cause, all of a sudden life's WAY too short.

All the happies from Mudsock, Starfish and XY too!

Uccellina said...

Happy birthday, lady!

Christine said...

happy birthday from a blog lurker!