Monday, December 18, 2006

Bah, Humbug.

The latest from YouTube. I think it's from Telemundo...I vaguely remember the crew wandering around the track before the Championship bout and interviewing everyone. I remember me yelling at the camera a couple of times. I wish I understood the piece. Oh well. I really don't understand what they were saying after the video clip with the boxing glove. Hmmmm.

Apparently my parents aren't coming down for Xmas like they usually do. They said it's because they couldn't board their dogs for the 12-or-so hours that they're out of the house. I think it's because my mom is scared to fly. Argh. So the husband, seestir and myself are orphaned for next Monday. Huh. I guess that means we can either play it like a normal day, or invite over any other Xmas orphans that are around and drink margaritas. Decisions, decisions.

The company that made the toilet seats I prefer painting on seems to have discontinued making said seats. Which sucks. Big time. Funny thing is, they apparently tried discontinuing them before, and got enough crap for it that they started making them again. Apparently I missed the memo about the company discontinuing them again. Drat. So the search is on for a reasonably priced substitute. Double's not that easy.

One last thing to whine about...

As I'm working on the revisions for the board that I'm doing, I'm taken aback at the snarkiness of said notes from one of the producers. He's one of those types that can't draw to save their butts, but he sure has a lot to say about how the boards look, etc. He also won't say most of this stuff in front of the artist. For instance: I didn't have the voice track, so I had to guess at all the acting poses for the rough board. I even put a note on the first page of my board saying as such. Yet I got quite a few snarky notes about "listening to the track" throughout the board when I rifled through the notes. Well, no-freakin'-duh I'll listen to the track, pal....when I get the damn track!

Same thing with designs...I didn't have any episode-specific designs. Left a note about that on the board. Still got snarky notes about putting stuff on model. Apparently this guy isn't too up on the process here. I would need designs before I draw the rough board if I'm to put said designs on model.


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