Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Everything is still Nice!

This-here is a photo of the skeleton monkey seat that is currently up at Thinkspace gallery in Silverlake. If you click on the thumbnail image, you'll see a little red dot underneath the seat. That means someone actually bought the damn thing.

Um, WOW.

I was told that the gallery itself was thinking about buying the seat, but decided to put it up to see what would happen first. Haha, it sold.


My friends from the Toyroom gallery in Sacramento came down for the Everything Nice! LA installation last Friday, too. They said that I'm selling my work for too cheap...my prices are OK for Sacramento, but I could get more in LA.


That's some pleasant news!

Here's more photos of the Everything Nice! exhibition:

It's going to be up for the rest of the month in the upstairs "Project room" of the gallery.

Also, the Toyroom offered to have more of my seats at their place o' business.


So, I guess this means that I have to get off my ever-expanding ass and get going on more work.

In not-so-pleasant news...

My cat is sick.

She's almost 17 years old and has gotten really skinny in the past few months. The vet thinks she has some sort of lymphoma that most likely isn't treatable. The biopsy tests come back today or tomorrow to make sure.

When she was at the vet for the biopsies, she was particularly unpleasant. She's horrible under the best of circumstances, but she did a real number with protest peeing and pooping on herself while she was visiting. They tried to clean her up while she was under sedation, but she needs a thorough bath. Which I'm not going to give her, as I fear for my life and well-being. So now she's home and happy even though she's a little stinky and very very thin.

How a small bundle of angry fur can have such a hold on me is just incredible.

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