Friday, February 09, 2007

Bea Arthur has nothin' on me

Yesterday I was drawing a birthday card for the husband(HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUSBAND!), and the phone rang.

When I answered, the young guy on the other end of the line asked for Mr. or Mrs. Frame. For a split second I thought of answering with, "Mr. and Mrs. Frame are my parents!" in my favorite stoner/surfer voice, but instead just stated that no, they're not here.

The young man replied with, "Oh. Sorry to bother you, sir."

Oh, good lourd.

It's sad that my voice is getting raspy enough so that I make Bea Arthur sound like Betty Boop. Just sad, I tell ya. It's difficult being this sexy, I tell you whut. And now that Anna Nicole has gone to the big trailerpark in the sky, I'm one step closer to goddess status, fer shure.

Hence, the above doodle.

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