Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Freelance Frustration

I'm working for two different freelance productions. Both are non-union, which sucks quite a bit of @$$. Both are scheduled to be worked on at the same time, which also sucks a great deal of @$$. Both are also not able to be worked upon, because I'm lacking in vital materials. How much @$$-suckery can there be?!

The production that I want to work on doesn't have a voicetrack, character designs, or even a model pack to give me. I have the script, and I've already gone through and done chickenscratch-type of thumbnails on the pages so that I'm ready to do the next step of drawing on board paper. Too bad about the not having designs, soundtrack, etc. Oh, and I have no idea when this stuff is due.

The production I don't want to work on has gone back and forth about when I'd get a script. I have no board paper to do the work even if I got a clue as to when they'd send the script. Welp, they sent the script this morning with a killer due date. Owch! Since I have to do my taxes the day the board is due, I'm asking if I can get out of doing this board and be put on another script. Oh yeah, and some board paper would be nice.

I've been emailing studios about other work, but no answer as of yet. Dammit.

I have three toilet seats that are almost done, except for clearcoating. The weather is too crapacious to complete clearcoating, so I now have different parts of each seat lying around the back room, waiting to be clearcoated and put back together. Did I mention that I hate cold wind? I'm really hating it right now, as that's what's preventing me from finishing the damn seats. ARGH!

So what am I doing? Reading angry blogs and watching reruns of "Match Game PM" on the Game channel. Somebody kill me.

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